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When your company needs to grow, it helps to know people. The plight of many entrepreneurs and startups is simply not knowing who to get connected with. Some times knowing someone can lead to knowing someone else that can solve your problem.

In times like these, where we’re all tightening our belts and holding our breath, it helps to have someone who is experienced in the art of networking.

Sync Space Accelerator Programs look to connect startups and entrepreneurs with mentors and opportunities to grow, and one of our CONNECT participants this spring got to experience first-hand how helpful it is to expand your network. With help from Sync Space’s statewide partnerships, Vayska, a Bristol-based, outdoor equipment start-up has taken off with a strong brand and message that will resonate with the business’s core demographics.

Sync Space connected Vayska with Bundled, a LaunchTN initiative that connects companies with registered vendors that fulfill a need; whether it be marketing, financial or legal help, or diversity and inclusion. Vayska owner, Brandon McKinney applied for the initiative, was accepted and matched with ARO Creative Inc, a woman-owned ad agency based in Kingsport, Tennessee. Vayska is a startup company that boasts three innovative products for outdoors-people. Their comfortable, minimalist hydration pack is their main product, and it competes with the likes of CamelBak and TETON.

“We were so glad to be the bridge between Vayska and Bundled, and ultimately connect them with ARO. With the amount of experience and talent ARO has, they were really able to communicate Vayska’s brand in a way that differentiates them from competitors, and communicates the true quality of Vayska’s product,” said Heath Guinn, President of Sync Space.

“Good marketing can mean the promise of longevity, an important aspect to any company, but especially a startup. It is always fun to work with clients who are passionate about what they do, and Vayska definitely is,” said Ashley Shutt, Co-Founder and Creative Director of ARO Creative Inc. When businesses like Vayska implement solid brand identities, they show how invested they are in the mission and values of the business. This encourages consumers to trust in the brand and differentiate between them and the competition. Good branding and marketing, along with the quality of the product and business processes, plays a large role in how legitimate a company looks to its consumers. That’s why Vayska’s ability to foster partnerships and build those business relationships are so important. “The fact that both Vayska and ARO Creative are businesses that have talented people from Northeast Tennessee, is a testament to what our region is capable of,” said Guinn. “We look forward to seeing a lot more regional partnerships in the future.” Bristol-based Vayska and Kingsport-based ARO both have strong, local talent growing their businesses and creating a common network of partnerships. Sync Space’s ability to create those connections within Northeast Tennessee is core to Sync Space and our mission. By connecting them and growing their network, we can elevate our entire region.

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