Regional Entrepreneur Center Sync Space announcing $50,000 for innovation program aimed at restarting our regional economy.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (June 9, 2020)


Sync Space Entrepreneur Center and TSG Innovation Group, with support from Activated Capital, are announcing the Restart Accelerator, an innovation program to help small businesses recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. The program will identify, promote, and nurture companies with technology, products, and services that will overcome the challenges in the new economy and help implement these solutions for struggling businesses in our region.

Government-mandated “Stay at Home” directives and the shutdown of the economy have had a severe and negative impact on Local Small Businesses. Companies will need to rebuild and adapt to the new economic environment after the pandemic subsides.

“We are very proud of our regional leadership and the ongoing efforts to help our small business community including Region Ahead and the Small Business Recovery Fund.” says Heath Guinn, President of Sync Space. “Entrepreneurs are inventive by nature, and always find ways to innovate in times of uncertainty. This restart program is designed to automate those innovative solutions as we look forward and begin restarting the regional economy.”

Many operational workflows have already evolved during the shutdown including many businesses adding delivery and curbside services or adjusting office workflow to online video conferencing. These solutions will impact the way business and customer service is conducted into the future.

Sync Space Entrepreneur Center will coordinate with state and local governments to facilitate support and coordinate with TSG Innovation Group in operating the Restart Accelerator Program.
Restart Accelerator is receiving financial support from Activated Capital, a private investment fund, and the public sector through Sync Space. The objective is to continue to acquire private sector support for the program and investment in scalable companies identified by the program.

“At Activated Capital, we are very encouraged by what we see throughout the region and are proud to support the restart accelerator initiative during this time of economic recovery.” states Josh Burrell, Managing Partner at Activated Capital. “As the economy begins to reopen, many new innovations will arise from the entrepreneurial community.” added Parveen Panwar, Managing Partner at Activated Capital.

Companies are encouraged to apply for the acceleration program at The Restart Accelerator program starts in early May.
For more information, visit

“We are excited to be partnering with the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center for the fifth year and new partners Sync Space and Biz Foundry to help develop potential startups,” Pete Nelson, Executive Director of AgLaunch, said. “We’re hoping that this bootcamp will give participating teams the opportunity to gain the resources and support they need to be successful in the agriculture industry, particularly for our farmers in Tennessee.”

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