Why Regionalism Matters


Creating a stable and well-connected ecosystem of resources doesn’t happen overnight. 

Sync.Space boasts a board of directors and a president who have spent years devoting ourselves to our communities and regions that has resulted in deeply rooted and trusted relationships. 

This is reflected in our partnerships within the region and the programs we have been able to create and provide entrepreneurs and startups. 

In 2021 alone, we’ve been able to provide an immense amount of value to the region. 

Programs and partnerships have taken off this Spring including, Co.Starters in Elizabethton, Sync.Space Signature Accelerator program, Startup Bootcamp with Founders Forge, Digital Media Camp with Create Appalachia, STRIVE Veteran Entrepreneur Program (just finished) and the Makers and Etsy program with the Inventor Center coming in May!

We would not be able to put these events on without our leaders and the communities who see the value in these programs. 

We are just getting started! The year is still young. As we progress further into 2021, it is apparent that these programs are needed and are in high demand. 

With our goal of facilitating and enhancing regional integration, it’s encouraging to know that our programs are being utilized to help grow our population of startups and entrepreneurs. 

With East Tennessee having a seat near the top of the list for the best places to start a business in the nation, some may wonder if our mission is even needed. 

As heard in LaunchTN’s podcast, Disrupt The Continuum, “There is so much going on in Tennessee…It really does take a solid network of all of those stakeholders to be able to help entrepreneurs.” 

Many can assume that startups don’t have the greatest odds at succeeding, and they would be correct. In fact, 9 out of 10 startups in America fail every year in the nation (Failory.com). 

What is the cause of this? There are four main reasons that play a pivotal role in startup failure (Failory.com): 
  1. Financing challenges
  2. Lack of product-market-fit
  3. Marketing problems
  4. Team issues 


So, what can a “solid network” of stakeholders do to help entrepreneurs in a startup? Provide resources for funding, cultivate support groups and utilize leaders and experts to give feedback on product development and timing, offer classes to educate around sales and marketing, as well as workshops on team building and best strategies. 

This is why entrepreneur centers, incubators, accelerator programs, and the like are critical. 

If we leave it to the individual to “figure it out,” we are setting up our region for failure. 

Investors will lose money or they will set their eyes on a region with a better foundation, putting their money elsewhere.  

A “rising tide lifts all boats,” is what LaunchTN calls it. The state of Tennessee in particular has a firm understanding of what small businesses and startups need to succeed. 

We are leaders in setting up a flourishing ecosystem of helpful resources. This lifts the entire state up and then pours over into the national economy. You help one, you help all. 

This is our desire, and we are seeing it happen as we continue to build up meaningful relationships, creative and innovative programs and a lasting impact that will set our region up for success for decades to come. 

Are you interested in signing up for one of our programs? We’d love to have you. See below for our list of upcoming programs and workshops with links to register.


Idea to Early Stage

Co-Starters – https://syncspace.org/programs/costarters/ 

Marketing Bootcamp – https://syncspace.org/programs/marketing-boot-camp/

Makers Bootcamp – https://syncspace.org/programs/makers-bootcamp/

Restaurant Recovery and Regrowth – https://syncspace.org/programs/proof/

Launch Tennessee – Virtual Entrepreneurship Program – https://syncspace.org/programs/virtual-entrepreneurship-program/  


Early to Mid Stage 

STRIVE Veteran Entrepreneur Program (just completed!) – https://syncspace.org/etsu-and-sync-space-strive/ 

Connect Program – https://syncspace.org/programs/connect-program/

Mentor Connect Program – https://syncspace.org/programs/mentor-connect-program/ 


Mid State to Growth

Signature Program – https://syncspace.org/programs/signature-program/

Rural Health Program – https://syncspace.org/programs/rural-health-program/

Advanced Manufacturing Programs – https://syncspace.org/programs/advanced-manufacturing-program/ 

There is so much going on in Tennessee...It really does take a solid network of all of those stakeholders to be able to help entrepreneurs. - Disrupt The Continuum

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